Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Backing of the Immoral

After experiencing a journey from the unforgettable arena of the Second World War to the present age of so called 'Clash of civilization’s, its inevitable to see a clear and fair frame in the International politics. It can never be said that politics in the past was clean because I have always believed that the term 'Clean Politics' is an oxymoron.

Tracing the events of the latest Middle East crisis, it is reasonable to criticize Hezbollah for the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers. It is predictable for any country (in this case Israel) to react to any affair of this sort. To top it all, Israel has become victim of continuous attacks by Hezollah's rockets. It all started with the 'usual Israel-Palestinian friction' but it has now taken a whole new shape and seems to be a result of an overreacted country backed by a dear friend named United States Of America.

The International summit of the world leaders was conducted with a fundamental purpose of restoring peace, which failed. This was not shocking for me because since the starting it was evident that the whole blown up conflict was a pre-planned American-Israeli scheme. To some extent, Israel is evenhanded in reacting to Hezbollah's conduct but Is it sound and sensible to annihilate a city and destroy it into rubbles. Is it fair to have numerous civil casualties on the name of two soldiers?

It may be bias if said that Lebanon and Middle East nations are saintly souls in the ring of this conflict but the ire of Israel at this point of time seems to have crossed its limits. The use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, which highlights the fact that Israel did not comply with the International law. When U.S.A has always been the 'savior' of the world trying to get justice and highlighting democracy everywhere then why is the criticism on such a low scale or even insignificant??

There are many facets to this issue, which cannot be explained with concrete evidences but clearly understood by the world. Can a sane man believe without any doubts that America is a just player in this latest game of Middle East conflict? The visit of Rice was another failure which cannot be overlooked but isn’t it vivid that America can gain a lot of advantages from this politics?When Hezbollah originally is an Iranian group, is there is no room for Americans to provoke Iran into the whole crisis? Is the statement that 'Israel is not backed or supported by America', realistic enough to be believed?? Doesn’t the whole US-Israeli relation seem like a 'You scratch my back, I scratch yours' game??

Some answers can be argued upon but very few can be supported with facts and evidences. People may ventilate their anger on American policy and some may support it, but the truth lies in some unexplored or latent corners of loud statements, written accounts, testimonials or proclomations. Some things are just left on the mercy of time and situation, this is one of them.

- AM

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Straight from the heart!!

The traffic was gushing in the busy streets under the gloomy sky. My eyes roved for a cab. With cars speeding by, I compared every gesture of this foreign land to my country but failed to console my heart. The artificial orderliness of the place fed my desire to go back, even if war haunted the roads of my motherland. This first trip overseas was not out of choice. Every moment reminded me of my parents, relatives and friends back home.
With all turmoil inside, I waved at the cab. The driver readily stopped. I forced myself inside. I could feel my heart resting as the cool air pampered my hair. After naming the street and the house number, I waited for the driver to respond but he remained silent.
His look mirrored his origin and I assumed him to be sharing my nationality. The silent ambience made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I couldn’t stop myself from asking his name. Bhaiya, aapka naam kya hai (Brother, what’s your name)? Salim, he replied. Aap India se ho (Are you from India)? Nahi, Pakistan se. Mere abbu batware se pehle Hindustan…. (No, from Pakistan. My grandparents resided in India before the partition), he responded.
From an early age, Pakistan was taboo for me. The only relation we had with Pakistan was the past of irreconcilable pain. Listening to him, tales of grief and despair filled my heart and the cries of my relatives echoed. It reminded me of my grandmother who was still living with the tragic past of losing her brother during partition. It also brought back to me the childhood memories of anxiously waiting by the window for my father who then served in the defence forces. To divert my mind, I started looking outside. Many thoughts dragged me to the endless emotions of the past.
Salim intervened and brought me back to the present. He asked me if I had come from India. He spoke about dreadful conditions of the people back home. I felt a bit calm as he seemed to share the same concerns that I did. I spoke to him about India. He heard every word with concern and then began his side of the story.
He spoke of his brother who died fighting on the border. The family went through hell in retrieving his body back from India. His voice broke down as he told about his financial crises. He felt helpless as he faced problems in supporting his large family in Pakistan and could not meet their expectations. He aspired to stay with his family and work in his country. He missed their presence and concern.
He made me realize that the common people did not want war, bloodshed and loss of human lives. He seemed to strongly believe that one day humanity would prevail. I was amazed by his sheer optimism. Salim had changed my opinion of people on the other side. He reflected a truth that one does not need education to understand mankind but just a heart of love.
Time passed without realization and I reached my destination. I got down and walked towards the house. I felt light and connected, as though everything would be all right. That, the future still stood a chance. I turned around. I wanted to share my new found optimism. I walked up to the car and thanked him for the ride to which he responded with a beatific smile.
I felt that even if culture, religion and beliefs categorize people; we are all tied with the common thread of humanity. Even though we in our insecurities shackle ourselves down, in the end it is the innate humanity which God has endowed in us with which we triumph; and so did it today.

- AM

Thursday, May 18, 2006

As Israel turns 58....

I may hold an opinion which may be bias but forgive me for this because presently I am researching from the Palestinian point of view and is bound to influence my opinion.

Israel turns 58 and continues to be a young child in the international community of nations.
58 years back, it was the Israelis who bore the excesses of evil and after 14th May'1948, they were the ones who spread their hand across the geographical entity of Palestine and spread the message of mayhem and ruthless butchery. It was on that very day when it got a legal status and made their homes by destroying the peace of others.

The paradise which was once accompanied by humanity continues to be a victim of pool of blood everyday. They not only seem to destroy their houses but also snatch the element of family or life from them. With the passage of time, the citizens of the world seem to have been 'desensitized' by the whole conflict.The bloody tales of this land remain ' just another story' for them. The stacks of dead bodies have immune the land of Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights from the very day of Israel's creation.

As stipulated in the Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies. The International organizations and the globally 'much concerned ' European nations have become deaf and blind to the happenings . The convention remain merely papers having no practical importance but only nominal academic value.

The Israeli settlements in occupied areas goes unchecked. In an endeavor to establish their home(Israeli) in occupied territories, the coldblooded killings of the Palestinians have become a global concern. The irony is that the concern for this middle-east conflict is just till lip sympathy or seldom donations or aid. 60+ new Jewish settlements have been built by the Israeli government on confiscated Palestinian land between March 2001 and July 11, 2003. (Source-

European countries overtly support Israel and are the selfish guardians of this illegimate child. There hostile attitude towards the Palestinian side of the story is evident of their connivance. Israeli army seems to cross the very threshold of humanity while dealing with Palestinians but there is no apprehension by any country and why have... when these actions which fade away with words and speeches....

It is thus hoped that one day day... the Arabs who originally belong to this land get to see a recongnized country with the soft touch of humanity and peace. The dormant sovereign nations of the global community should wake up from the shackles of sleep and open there eyes to justice and humanity.

- AM

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who am I??

In this world, where religion, cultures, geography, beliefs tear apart the fabric of humanity;

I am a dead man walking the road of bloody life,
I am a dumb person voicing out his emotions of death and loss,
I am a blind man who sees his brother die every night in front of his dark eyes,
I have a cold heart which cries to see the pain of a mother who hugs her dead child.

I am the CITIZEN of your globe but just unfortunate enough to see life in the areas ties with the shackles of bloodshed, loss and conflicts.

- AM

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A home to live in????

My first post is about my understanding on one issue that has haunted my mind and heart for a long time now....this is the Israel-Palestine issue!!
Any view that is built in the mind is more or less influenced by the media in any country.In my view, the media has always been stereotyped and show whatever suits the situation ;the content is altered to match the desires of either the government or an ideology.
I preferred not to learn about this case from the data and facts provided but to have a direct talk to the people who are a victim of this very problem. It has not been long but still i strongly withhold the opinion that IT IS NOT JUS' AN ISSUE BUT A LONG STORY.
I had always thought that the jews were subject to excesses that crossed the very emotions of humanity and love, this was prevalent especially during the time of the Nazis. My mind was embedded with an impression that it was justified for the Israelis to live in the land they rightly bought from the palestinians. The Israelis have always impressed me with their powerful resistance in all the wars that they have been a part of!!
Destiny has walked hand in hand with me and helped me find the right people whose views i respect wholeheartedly!!For the first time, I am putting myself in the shoes of a Palestine.
A friend of mine who is supporting me in the research of this issue (who is a palestinian) wrote a few lines which highlighted the frustration a common Palestinian bears in the present times.
'As a palestinian i have a huge problem with the israeli they steal our land, they have killed my people every day since 1948 and no one asks them to stop;they forced the palestinian to leave their houses and farm and every thing..and now they said that they own it..they own nothing at this land..and u ask me if we hurt the Israeli or not, we hurt them but what we do is nothing in comparison to wat they did with my people they killed and they destroy, they steal they do many bad thing i cant even count it...and if they should have another land...i do not know any where except palestine is ok for me...'
I questioned myself, How does it hurt when you see your own people suffer because of people you were once invited in your very home??
How frustrating it is, when the wrong doers (from a palestinians point of view)are supported by the strongest country and a super-power???
I may hold many biases with every word i type. I hope to know an Israeli's view also on the same and would like to learn without any biases but as of now I dedicate this post to the spirit of a patriotic Palestinian.
I have began the understanding of Pal-Israel conflict from a common man view and hope to know more about it!!
Inshallah, I would like to visit these two places and feel the very spirit of people there.
n hope that this conflict resolves some day!!

- AM

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The silence voices itself...

IDRAAK, is an Arabic word which means perception. I believe that the glasses of perception that we wear eveytime shape a thought and that very thought plants into an individual's outlook or is the seed of an ideology.

This blog is dedicated to my opinion, my perception about the international politics and events of history which continue to haunt the present in some way or the other.i would write about every and anything that intersts me and falls int the perview of politics.

I am not an intellectual person who is married to the knowledge of international relations, detailed history of every country or the origin of various ideologies and there effects...but i would still like to ventilate my grieviences on issues (my opinion), give suggestions, criticise events and actions...!!
All this , just bcz i dont wanna b silent but want to voice out my perception about the globe.

Before coming to the middle east, my outlook towards the world always stayed limited and other countries apart from my homeland seemed to be just any geographical entity not relevant in international environment but with time, i have realized the role of middle east & other areas in international politics and am always making an attempt in understanding the diplomatic game of the world.

I dedicate this blog to my journey of learning and to my perception about the world.

"In this world of ironical truths, I have started feeling alienated from my own
identity because every event that lives itself is a victim of supression!!
Supression of truth, supression of perception and supression of a voice."

- AM