Saturday, May 06, 2006

A home to live in????

My first post is about my understanding on one issue that has haunted my mind and heart for a long time now....this is the Israel-Palestine issue!!
Any view that is built in the mind is more or less influenced by the media in any country.In my view, the media has always been stereotyped and show whatever suits the situation ;the content is altered to match the desires of either the government or an ideology.
I preferred not to learn about this case from the data and facts provided but to have a direct talk to the people who are a victim of this very problem. It has not been long but still i strongly withhold the opinion that IT IS NOT JUS' AN ISSUE BUT A LONG STORY.
I had always thought that the jews were subject to excesses that crossed the very emotions of humanity and love, this was prevalent especially during the time of the Nazis. My mind was embedded with an impression that it was justified for the Israelis to live in the land they rightly bought from the palestinians. The Israelis have always impressed me with their powerful resistance in all the wars that they have been a part of!!
Destiny has walked hand in hand with me and helped me find the right people whose views i respect wholeheartedly!!For the first time, I am putting myself in the shoes of a Palestine.
A friend of mine who is supporting me in the research of this issue (who is a palestinian) wrote a few lines which highlighted the frustration a common Palestinian bears in the present times.
'As a palestinian i have a huge problem with the israeli they steal our land, they have killed my people every day since 1948 and no one asks them to stop;they forced the palestinian to leave their houses and farm and every thing..and now they said that they own it..they own nothing at this land..and u ask me if we hurt the Israeli or not, we hurt them but what we do is nothing in comparison to wat they did with my people they killed and they destroy, they steal they do many bad thing i cant even count it...and if they should have another land...i do not know any where except palestine is ok for me...'
I questioned myself, How does it hurt when you see your own people suffer because of people you were once invited in your very home??
How frustrating it is, when the wrong doers (from a palestinians point of view)are supported by the strongest country and a super-power???
I may hold many biases with every word i type. I hope to know an Israeli's view also on the same and would like to learn without any biases but as of now I dedicate this post to the spirit of a patriotic Palestinian.
I have began the understanding of Pal-Israel conflict from a common man view and hope to know more about it!!
Inshallah, I would like to visit these two places and feel the very spirit of people there.
n hope that this conflict resolves some day!!

- AM


Anonymous said...

The 58th Ilegitimate Birthday of Israel (15th May, 1948)

When the sun descended behind the Al Khalil mountains on May 15, 1948, the inhabitants of the verdant village of Kafar Qasem in Palestine were once again waiting for the men to return from the fields.

Reports then began trickling in of a massacre of Palestinians carried out by members of the terrorist organizations the Hagana and the Stern Gang in a nearby village.

The family of Mahmud al-Natsha, one of the poor farmers of Kafar Qasem, was waiting for him to return, but suddenly a terrible sound descended over the entire village.

The Zionist terrorists, backed by British colonial forces, entered the village and massacred innocent women and children.

Seven of the eight members of the family of Mahmud al-Natsha were among the victims of this terrorist attack carried out by the Hagana.

Hagana’s leader at the time was none other than Menachem Begin, who later went on to become prime minister of the Zionist regime, despite his terrorist past.

Late at night, when Mahmud al-Natsha returned to his humble house, he saw the lifeless bodies of his wife and children.

The Hagana’s terrorist attack left over 200 dead just in Kafar Qasem, all of whom were innocent women and children.

Terror had filled all the villages in Palestine and most families began to head for the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, seeking safety from the terrorist attacks.

Concurrently with this, with the cooperation of Zionist capitalists and the Jewish Agency, the British government, which feigned concern for the lives of the Palestinians, leased ships under the flags of various countries in order to transfer the traumatized Palestinians to neighboring Arab countries.

During the process of this transfer from the occupied territories of Palestine to Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, hundreds of Palestinian women and children were drowned in the Mediterranean Sea when their boats capsized.

On the very same day, i.e., May, 15, 1948, Zionist leader David Ben Gurion read out the announcement of the establishment of the Zionist regime at a conference attended by Yitzhak Shamir, Menachem Begin, Shimon Peres, Golda Meir, and Chaim Herzog.

In less than 20 minutes, U.S. president Harry Truman issued a statement recognizing the Israeli regime.

Everything was formally arranged for the occupation of Palestine and the establishment of the Zionist regime in the occupied territories, and in less than three days, most European countries recognized the newly created regime.

The goal of the colonial powers of the time, France and Britain, which were also the victors of World War II, was to establish a gendarme in the Middle East to oversee their interests in the region.

Their first objective was to safeguard the Suez Canal for the free passage of British and French warships from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Without access to the Suez Canal, French and British warships and cargo vessels would have been obliged to travel thousands of nautical miles further in order to reach the North Atlantic Ocean from the Indian Ocean.

Their second objective was to establish a non-Islamic country in the critical Fertile Crescent in order to prevent the expansion of political Islam on the western shores of the Mediterranean.

Their third objective was to maintain security in the oil fields of the Middle East, because Britain’s initial test drillings in the region showed that the Middle East was sitting on a sea of oil.

Therefore, the Zionist regime achieved rapid economic and technological progress, with the cooperation of France, Britain, and later the United States, and within a period of less than two decades produced an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Now, 58 years have passed since Palestine’s Nakba or great catastrophe.

During these years, with the financial support of the United States and other Western countries, Israel has occupied over 80,000 square kilometers of Arab territories in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in Palestine, the Sinai Peninsula and Sharm al-Shaikh in Egypt, the Golan Heights in Syria, the Shebaa Farms in Lebanon, and parts of Jordan.

Although some of these occupied territories have been returned to Egypt and Jordan under Camp David and other agreements since 1978, Israel has kept control of the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and the Shebaa Farms.

Over 150 UN Security Council resolutions against Israel have been vetoed by the United States in the past 58 years.

Now, after years of struggle, the Palestinian forces have decided to establish a Palestinian government. However, the United States, the European Union, and Israel are trying to ignore the vote of the majority and are economically boycotting Hamas, the party which gained control of the Palestinian government through a democratic election. Will conditions in Palestine remain the same or will the world will witness another wave of violence in the occupied territories?

Undoubtedly, the stances of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and regional countries as well as fair interaction of these countries with the Palestinian nation will determine the fate of this critical region.

If the pressure on the Hamas government is increased, all Palestinian political and resistance groups will unite. Under such circumstances, the region will witness great violence in the future which major powers will no longer be able to control.

silence said...

and people say, "they are not our people"....
In the satanic history of israel-palestine conflict, bloodshed is just an understaement!!
they are killed, they are raped and they are desentized with the clock of terror. Even after years, the tears are fresh and so are the marks of inhumanity..!!!

Mayank said...

First of all, i myself dont know the roots of the Israel-Palestine issue, hence wanted to read your post. But just found its not explaining that and I am hoping you will write a post soon explaining the heart of the problem.
Chor kabhi khud ko chor nahi kehta (a thief never calls himself a thief).I think the best way to look at a issue is talking to a neutral entity.
Like if you ask any Pakistani resident, they would claim anyday:
1. Pakistan won all the wars they have fought till date
2. There air/land and naval forces are better than India
3. Pakistan will beat the hell out of India in a war scenario.
Ofcourse, when you talk to a Indian, he will just laugh it off giving the same counter argument but just exchanging the place of the two countries.
A Pakistanis always say Kashmir is not a part of India while India says otherwise. China claims some Indian territory (Arunachal Pradesh)as there own while Indians deny any such claims saying it has "always" been a part of India.
To know the real deal, you need to be neutral. As in case of fanboys, they will just shout their guts out simply ignoring the FACTS.
As in this case, i would rather not believe story from any Israel/ Palestine citizen but from a neutral mouth. Again, someone from US cant be called neutral as they are openly biased towards Israel.

AM said...


I agree wit u totally....d article is clealry biased and i think defending it wud b quite imprudent on my part! But i can explain dat wen I wrote dis article, I had just joined My Bachelors degree in Journalism and had no ideation about objectivity and unbias tone! Now I do understand its importance..Additionally, I had written dis only for my i AM into this field...and my area of specialisation has shifted to South Asia sector, and derfor I do not hav enuf info to carve out an ojective article on the Palenstinian issue!and I now dont wanna write on any topic with nominal info n knowlg. purely because dat wud not serve the purpose of a sensible write-up...nyway thnax for ur comments!i appreciate ur honesty!!

Ketan said...


I think at best we can ascertain facts, but we will never be able to discover the truth. Let me try to explain. We want to be just (as in doing justice), right? And for that we need to know to who does a particular piece of land "belong"?

But how do we determine ownership? Does a piece of land belong to one who takes birth there? If yes, till how much radius from the point of birth? And why?

If 1000 people say that all those born within 5 squared km of this point are one country, how do we counter such claims?

Much worse is the case when nationality is determined on the basis of religion; it ensures that there would be large-scale displacements and bloodshed.

So problem with land (as a property) is that there's no accepted basis to determine its "owner". If you're a farmer, and you harvest wheat, wheat "belongs" to you. But how did that land come to belong to you?

When large tracts of land in olden days were uninhabited, people didn't bump into each other much. But as population grew denser, there were increasing conflicts, and war as a means to determine ownership of lands (and peoples!) had been accepted as legitimate for a long time. Imagine, some of the largest countries - Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil are occupied by those who were immigrants and had subjugated and largely neutralized native population.

I'm not justifying violence as means to claim ownership, but that there had been no other way to claim it! War and violence became condemnable only after World War 2 (League of Nations amounts to time pass). This was a World in flux. Everyone feared war, but secretly wanted more land and people to control.

And Jews have indeed been a historically persecuted race. Imagine, Israel is the only Jew-majority country!

Again, what I am trying to point out is was there some other manner in which the State of Israel could have come about?

Because except for settlement and invasion there have been no legitimate ways to "own" land! One might argue, then what about buying and selling of land? But I'd ask how does a piece of land come to belong to someone? You produce wheat, you own it. Who produces land to own it for the first time? If you buy a stolen watch, are you its owner or someone who it was stolen from? Same is the case with land. Originally, all land that was ever owned was through means that we currently call illegitimate. So all land ownership fundamentally remains illegitimate!