Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who am I??

In this world, where religion, cultures, geography, beliefs tear apart the fabric of humanity;

I am a dead man walking the road of bloody life,
I am a dumb person voicing out his emotions of death and loss,
I am a blind man who sees his brother die every night in front of his dark eyes,
I have a cold heart which cries to see the pain of a mother who hugs her dead child.

I am the CITIZEN of your globe but just unfortunate enough to see life in the areas ties with the shackles of bloodshed, loss and conflicts.

- AM


United Students said...

Let's walk the talk.

If your support the students movement

against caste based reservations,

please show it.

Join Delhi RWAs, Trade bodies, civil society groups and various student groups at a Solidarity gathering

at Jantar Mantar

on Saturday 20th May, 2006 at 10 a.m.

The gathering will be peaceful : a silent march by the silent majority

[Let’s step up the pressure]

United Students

Campaign Office: F-4, 2nd Floor, South Extension-I, New Delhi-49

Contact: 9810017868

You can reach US at or call :

Aditya Raj 9873297834; Dhruv 9818291909; Anchal 9899942321; Ambuj 9313117010; Devika Malik 9891222630; Honey Arun 9818562417; Karan 9871807378; Shikha 9891333730; Aaditya 9810215675

Nioniel said...

Hey, i really liked this piece. It has this sort of innate enrgy in it. It doesn't show at first, but a second read and it hits you. Good job!


Ketan said...

One problem with your current blog is there is so much talk of war and bloodshed, it doesn't allow me the luxury of my ostrich-like existence of thinking all is alright with the World 'cuz all is alright with me.

So, the poem was touching. I've been at the receiving end of this complaint so many times that why do I not write something lighthearted, but I had never complained the same to anyone before. And this is the first time I'm complaining, why not something lighthearted?

AM said...

@Nioniel Thanx for ur feedback... glad to know u liked it!

AM said...

@Ketan: Ill pass u a link of one inspirational thing i wrote... dats d only thing dat shud match ur expectations :)