Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Backing of the Immoral

After experiencing a journey from the unforgettable arena of the Second World War to the present age of so called 'Clash of civilization’s, its inevitable to see a clear and fair frame in the International politics. It can never be said that politics in the past was clean because I have always believed that the term 'Clean Politics' is an oxymoron.

Tracing the events of the latest Middle East crisis, it is reasonable to criticize Hezbollah for the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers. It is predictable for any country (in this case Israel) to react to any affair of this sort. To top it all, Israel has become victim of continuous attacks by Hezollah's rockets. It all started with the 'usual Israel-Palestinian friction' but it has now taken a whole new shape and seems to be a result of an overreacted country backed by a dear friend named United States Of America.

The International summit of the world leaders was conducted with a fundamental purpose of restoring peace, which failed. This was not shocking for me because since the starting it was evident that the whole blown up conflict was a pre-planned American-Israeli scheme. To some extent, Israel is evenhanded in reacting to Hezbollah's conduct but Is it sound and sensible to annihilate a city and destroy it into rubbles. Is it fair to have numerous civil casualties on the name of two soldiers?

It may be bias if said that Lebanon and Middle East nations are saintly souls in the ring of this conflict but the ire of Israel at this point of time seems to have crossed its limits. The use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, which highlights the fact that Israel did not comply with the International law. When U.S.A has always been the 'savior' of the world trying to get justice and highlighting democracy everywhere then why is the criticism on such a low scale or even insignificant??

There are many facets to this issue, which cannot be explained with concrete evidences but clearly understood by the world. Can a sane man believe without any doubts that America is a just player in this latest game of Middle East conflict? The visit of Rice was another failure which cannot be overlooked but isn’t it vivid that America can gain a lot of advantages from this politics?When Hezbollah originally is an Iranian group, is there is no room for Americans to provoke Iran into the whole crisis? Is the statement that 'Israel is not backed or supported by America', realistic enough to be believed?? Doesn’t the whole US-Israeli relation seem like a 'You scratch my back, I scratch yours' game??

Some answers can be argued upon but very few can be supported with facts and evidences. People may ventilate their anger on American policy and some may support it, but the truth lies in some unexplored or latent corners of loud statements, written accounts, testimonials or proclomations. Some things are just left on the mercy of time and situation, this is one of them.

- AM